Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon

Updated April, 2008


Brian Dillon is a founder member and Director of Nexus and has led most of Nexus involvement in programme evaluation, and in community development-linked studies.

 In the field of community development, he was responsible for the evaluation of the Community Development Programme in Ireland, and for subsequent work in designing and implementing self-evaluation systems. He has undertaken a range of social need assessments and strategic planning exercises with a range of minority groups and communities. He has successfully completed evaluation assignments in community development settings outside Ireland including work with community development organisations in India and the Philippines.

Community Needs Assessments and Development Planning:

Development of Strategic Plan for County Fingal Fingal Area Partnership (2008)

Rural Transportation Profiling and Planning Wicklow Rural Transport (2007)

Profile and Development Plan for SE Wexford South East Wexford CDP (2007-2008)

Review and Strategic Plan Wexford Area Partnership (2007)

Development of Anti-Poverty Strategy for Ballymun Partnership (2007)
Ballymun in the Context of Regeneration

Development of Anti-Poverty Strategy for PAUL Partnership and Limerick City
Limerick City Development Board (2005-2006)

Development of Community Strategy re Dublin City Council, Dolphin House
Regeneration in Dolphin’s Barn Residents Association (2005-2006)

Development of Community Strategy re Dublin City Council, Charlemont Street
Regeneration in Charlemont Street Residents Association (2005-2006)

Understanding Public Private Partnerships in Inchicore Regeneration Task Force
Urban Regeneration (2005)

The Impact of the Conflict on West Belfast Falls Community Council/Irish
And Challenges for the Future Department of Foreign Affairs (2003)

Rural Transportation Planning Wexford Area Partnership (2002)

Strategic Plan for the Health Action Zone Armagh and Dungannon Health Action
Group (2001)

Wexford Social Inclusion Plan Wexford Area Partnership (2000)

ENRAP: Designing Communications Strategies International Foundation for Agricultural
with community Development Projects in Development, Rome, UN (1998-00)
India and the Philipines

Feasibility Study on Cross-Border University of Ulster (1998)
GIS Systems as Part of INTERREG II

Feasibility Study into Establishment of a Falls Community Council, Belfast (1997)
Community Archive (with Ruth Taillon)

Waterford City Area Action Plan Waterford City Partnership (1997)

Research and Consultation towards Preparation South County Dublin URBAN Steering
of URBAN Programme Action Plan Group (1996)

Wexford Area Action Plan Wexford Area Partnership (1996)

Statutory Responses to Long-term Unemployment Dublin Inner City Partnership (1994)

Waterford Area Action Plan Ballybeg CDP/ADM Ltd. (1993)

Development Needs for Information in Dublin NSSB (1993)

Unemployment and State Responses in Dublin Dublin Inner City Partnership (1991)
Inner City

Community Involvement in Inner City Renewal Temple Bar Development Council (1991)

“Tower Blocks and Power Blocks”: Establishing Ballymun Community Action Project
Development Strategies for Community Groups (1991)

“Local Government and Community Groups: Irish Community Workers Cooperative
Participation or Representation?” (1990)

Shannon Area Case-Study on Broadband and EC RACE Programme (1989)
Rural Development

Community Group Participation in Urban Community Workers’ Cooperative
Development in “Whose Plan?” (1989)

Development of Child and Family Services St. john of God Brothers (1989)
In Tallaght and West Wicklow

A Framework for Community Participation Combat Poverty Agency (1989)
In Development Planning

Liberties Youth Needs and Attitudes Survey SICCDA/AnCO (1985)

Social Service Provision in Rialto Rialto Parish Centre/AnCO (1984)

Shannon Resource Development Study Bord Failte and QUB (1980)

East Belfast Redevelopment Study Queen’s University (1980)

Roscommon Rural Resource Study Roscommon County Council
Queen’s University (1979)

Social Exclusion and the Development of Responses:

Design and Delivery of Course for Community Cork City and Wexford (2004-2005)
Development and Policy (Under Equality for Women Measure)

Equality Proofing Under NAPS Combat Poverty Agency and Equality
(With Collins) Authority/Joint (2003)

Designing Equality and Poverty-Proofing Dublin City Council (2003)
Mechanisms in the Planning Process

Development of Policy Dimension for ASPIRE EU EQUAL Programme (2003)
Programme (For Asylum Seekers in Five EU Member States)

Needs Assessment re Single Men Living on Dingle Peninsula Men’s Action Group
The Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry (2002)

Development Planning re the Needs of Older Wexford Area Partnership (2002)
People in the Wexford Area

Needs Assessment and Service Development Kerry Network of People with Disabilities
with People with Disabilities (1999-00)

Investigation into Distance Learning Opportunities for Socially Excluded Groups In Isolated Rural Areas
EU LEONARDO Programme (1999)

Survey of Settlement Services for Homeless Dublin Homeless Initiative (1998)
People in Eastern Health Board Region

Study of the Development Needs of Travellers in County Wexford, Wexford Area Partnership (1997)

European Consolidated Report on Recruitment of People with Disabilities by SMEs, European Foundation for Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (1997)

Irish Case Studies on Recruitment by of People with Disabilities, SMEs European Foundation Improvement of Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (1996)

Study of Development Needs of Travellers in New Ross Travellers Resource Centre
New Ross, County Wexford (1996)

The Transition from Primary to Secondary Education in Disadvantaged Areas, Ballybeg Community Development Project, Waterford (1995)

National study on Travellers’ Migration and Educational Needs, Department of Equality and Law Reform (1995)

“Seen and Heard”: Study of Development Needs in Disadvantaged Areas, Youth Waterford Youth Services (1995)

National study on the Accommodation Needs Of Travellers, Dublin Travellers Education and
Development Group (1994)

Homelessness in County Louth, Dundalk Simon Community (1990)

Poverty in Housing in ‘One Million Poor’ Turoe Press (1982) S. Kennedy (Ed.)

Private Rented - Forgotten Sector of Irish Housing Threshold (1981)

Programme and Project Evaluations:

Evaluation of Irish Family Resource Centres Nationally using SPEAK, Family Services Agency (ongoing)

Evaluation of Community-based Drugs Initiative in South-East Region, Waterford Regional Youth Services, (ongoing)

Self-Evaluation with Cairde, Working with ethnic Minority Communities  Cairde (2007)

Evaluation of Third Level Course in Advocacy For Community-based Participants, The Equality Authority, Sligo IT and Comhairle (2007)

Self-Evaluation Models and Systems in Eight European Countries,  EU Leonardo Programme (2004-2007)

Evaluation of Education Equality Initiative with Men’s Groups in Kerry and Mayo, Department of Education and Science (2004-2006)

EVAL Project: Sharing Evaluation Lessons in Six European Countries, EU Leonardo Programme (2001-2003)

Evaluation of E-Learning in Five European European, E-Learning Action Plan
Countries (2002-2003)

Self-Evaluation with Groups Funded by Clondalkin Drugs Task Force (2002), Clondalkin Drugs Task Force

Evaluation of ‘Building Healthy Communities’ Programme. Combat Poverty Agency (2002)

Evaluation of the Job Facilitators’ Programme Department Social Community and
(with Collins) Family Affairs (2002)
Evaluation of COPE Services to the COPE, Voluntary Social Services,
Homeless Galway (2002)

Evaluation with Womens’ Refuge and Mayo Womens’ Refuge (ongoing)
Support Services

Evaluation of Community Development Framework Regional Support Agency
Programme Regional Policy Programme (2000-2001).
In the South-East Region

Designing an Evaluation Framework The Irish Equality Authority (1999)

Evaluation of the Community Development Department Of Social, Community and
Programme Family Affairs (1999-00)

Evaluation of the Combat Poverty Agency Combat Poverty Agency (1998)

Evaluation of Community-based Drugs Policy Combat Poverty Agency (1998-99)
Grants Scheme

Evaluation of Gay HIV Strategies Programme Irish Department of Health (1999)

Evaluation of NATURA Project: Training EU LEONARDO Programme,
In Isolated Rural Areas (1998-00)

Evaluation of North-South Youth Managers Forum Cooperation North (1998)

Development and Evaluation Framework Threshold Ltd (1998)
And Methods for Threshold Housing Agency

Developing Evaluation Tools for Training, EU Leonardo Programme (1998)
Initiatives in Enterprises

Development and Testing of Evaluation Tools Department of Social Community
and Methods for Community Development and Family Affairs Ireland (1997-98)

Evaluation of Employment Support Services Irish National Rehabilitation Board
Programme for People with Disabilities (1997)

Evaluation of Community Radio in six IRTC (1997)
Irish Centres (with O Sióchrú)

Establishment and Development of Community Combat Poverty Agency (1996-97)
Evaluation Support Unit

Evaluation of the European HELIOS 2 Programme European Commission and
for the Integration of People with Disabilities Tavistock Institute UK (1996-97)

Evaluation of EU HANDYNET System for DGV, European Commission (1996)
People with Disabilities
Evaluation of Poverty 3 Programme in Ireland Combat Poverty Agency (1995)

Evaluation of European Telematique Programme DGXVI EU Commission (1995)
Six EU Member States

Evaluation of Pilot Projects to Combat Irish Department of Social Welfare
Moneylending and Indebtedness (1993)

Phase Two Evaluation of PAUL Project PAUL Partnership, Limerick (1993)
Evaluation of HORIZON Project on Local Ballymun Community Development
Enterprise Creation in Ballymun Dublin Programme (1993)

Evaluation of National Management of STAR DGXVI, EU Commission (1993)
Programme in Six EU Member States

Evaluation of The Irish Community Support Irish Community Workers Cooperative Framework and Social Spending (1993)

Evaluation of Letterkenny Information and DGXVI, EU Commission (1992)
Technology Centre Co. Donegal

‘Promises, Promises’: Evaluation of the 1988 National Campaign for the Homeless
Housing Act in Ireland re Homelessness (1992)

Evaluation of Ballyfermott Youth Federation Comhairle le Leas Oige (1992)

Ex-ante Evaluation of Actions aimed at the DGV, EU Commission (1992)
Integration of People with Disabilities

Ex-ante Evaluation of Actions to Combat DGV, EU Commission (1991)
Longterm Unemployment in Ireland (with WRC)

PAUL Partnership Internal Evaluation, under PAUL Partnership Limerick (1990)
Third EU Programme to Combat Poverty

Evaluation of Coolock Community Law Centre Coolock Law Centre/Combat Poverty
in Dublin Agency (1988)

Industry, Employment and Training:

Challenges in Relation to the Development University of Brehmen (Germany) (2002)
Of Public Private Partnerships in Ireland

Information Society and Computer EU Copernicus Programme (1998)
Networking in Eastern European Industry

Instruments and Tools to Assess Training DGV, European Commission;
Needs in Industry-Irish National Study ITS, Netherlands (1996)

Cross Border Cooperation between EU ERGO Programme (1995)
Community-based Enterprises in Ireland

The Future of Industry in Central/Eastern Europe Institut Arbeit und Technik (1995)

Development Plan for Community Training Community Training Workshops
Workshops in Dublin Inner City Network (1995)

Evaluation of the Ballymun Horizon Local Ballymun CAP(1994)
Enterprise Training Initiative

Links between In-house and Public Training EC FORCE Programme (1993)

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