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Dave Redmond, has considerable experience of both action based and survey research. He has undertaken evaluations of alternatives to imprisonment and was also involved in the evaluation of the pilot Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) projects concerned with combating indebtedness and illegal money-lending. He has completed research for the Combat Poverty Agency that assesses existing labour market policy and provision for educationally disadvantaged young people. He has completed two published report for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) one based on a survey of second level senior cycle students' attitudes to, knowledge and experience of work and the other based on trades union members childcare practices. Research he undertook for the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform on imprisonment for fine default and civil debt, based on analysis of prison based records and on interviews with persons in prison was published in May 2002. More recentlly with Paul Butler he has completed a survey and focus group based research report making recommendations about greater participation and engagement of women members in the IMPACT trade union. Since 2005 Dave has also provided technical support to projects using the SPEAK evaluation framework and software.


1975-79:Trinity College, Dublin. B.A. (Hons.) and Moderatorship in Sociology.

1980-1981 University College, Cork. M.A. (Social Theory and Institutions)

1984         Essex University Summer School in Data Analysis

2007         Dublin City University, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology


1990-Present: Founder member of NEXUS (Europe) Research Co-operative, an independent, non-profit-making research organisation. Responsibilities include conducting research and co-ordinating a number of projects, with particular reference to evaluation, social area analysis and survey methodologies. In recent years he has developed expertise in information technology development and support.

1990: Researcher with SUS Research, a Social and Economic Research and Consultancy Company. Duties included conducting research on a number of current projects, with particular reference to the application of quantitative methodologies, report writing and developing new research proposals.

1985 - 1986: Assistant Lecturer in Sociology, University of Limerick.1983 - 1985:Teaching Assistant, University of Limerick

1979 - 1980: Research Assistant employed by Cardiff University (Social Research Unit)


Member of the Sociological Association of Ireland (Treasurer and member of Executive 1988-1992).Member of Dublin 7 Educate Together Executive 2003-4. 



Audit of Community, Arts, Sports and Youth Facilities In County Kilkenny, Community and Culture Section – Kilkenny County Council (Ongoing)

Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the Family Resource Centres Family Support Agency/TUSLA (Ongoing)

Review of The Family Resource Centre Programme Funding (2012) Family Support  Agency

Review of Leave-taking Practices of Union Members (2008-2010) Irish Congress of Trades Unions 

"Women's Equality in Bray Needs Assessment Report - Competences and Confidence" Bray Partnership (2005)

Social Exclusion and DisadvantageEvaluation of Dublin Simon's Residential Alcohol Detoxification and Aftercare Programme (2005)

“Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace” (2003),for Interact EQUAL Project (the project partners are IBEC, Integrate Ireland (formerly the Refugee Language Support Unit) in TCD - and FAS."Civic, Social and Political Education: Report of Survey of Principals and Teachers", (with P. Butler)

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (2003)"Imprisonment for Fine Default and Civil Debt", Dept. of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Dublin, Stationery Office Pn. 11805, ISBN 0-7557-1356-(2002)

Research in Support of the Review of the Junior Certificate Schools Programme (with P.Butler) (JCSP), for National Council for Curriculum Assessment, (2002)

CODAN (County Dublin Areas of Need) Volume I: An Analysis of 1996 Census Data at Enumeration Area Level for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (2000)

CODAN (County Dublin Areas of Need) Volume II: Neighbourhood Profiles, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (2000)

Evaluation of Aphrodite Project (EU HORIZON Programme), Central Remedial Clinic, 2000)

Labour Market Transitions for Educationally Disadvantaged in the 18-21 Years Age-Group, Combat Poverty Agency (2000)

Application of New Technology to Tourism Training, CERT, 2000

"Prevalence, Profiles and Policy: A Case Study of Drug Use in North Inner City Dublin", (co-author with Coveney, E., Murphy-Lawless, J. and Sheridan, S.) Funded by Enterprise Ireland (Science and Technology against Drugs) and the Combat Poverty Agency, in partnership with the North Inner City Drugs Task Force, North Inner City Drugs Task Force, 1999 ISBN 0 9535376 0 9

"Progression Routes: A Study of Labour Market and Training Experiences of Early School Leavers", National Youth Federation/FAS, July 1998

Report on Feasibility of National Database, Simon Community National Office, May, 1998

"The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Teachers", (co-author with Smeets, E., Mooij, T., Bamps, H., Bartolom, A., Lowyck, J., and Steffens, K.), European Commission - DG XII, Institute for Appied Social Sciences (ITS) University of Nimejen, 1998

"Extent, Origins, Management and Effects of Conflict", Tallaght Community Mediation (funded by CPA), April 1999

Evaluation of Tower Programme, Tower Programme (North Clondalkin Probation Project), July 1998

Evaluation of Fares to Work Scheme, National Rehabilitation Board, March 1998

“Child Labour as a Cause of Social Exclusion - Irish National Report”, EU LEONARDO/IRES, 1997

“A Profile of Independent Information Services in Ireland - A National Social Service Board Social Policy Report", National Social Service Board, 1998

Ballymun Comprehensive Schools Research Project, Ballymun Comprehensive School Parents Association, 1996

Pilot Study on Long-term Impact of the Bridge Programme, Probation and Welfare Service and Irish Youth Foundation, 1997

“Drop-Out and Early School Leaving in Dun Laoghaire” , Dun Laoghaire VEC Youth Sub-Committee - (with funding from Dept. of Education), 1996

“Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Challenges -A Study of the Circumstances of People Living with MS in Counties Cork and Kerry”, Multiple Sclerosis Society Ireland and NEXUS (Co-author with E. Collins and J. Byrne), 1996

“Report on Housing Conditions in Mountwood/Fitzgerald Park”, Mountwood Community Development, Project/Dun Laoghaire Partnership, 1996

Operation of the 1998 Housing Act in Relation to the Accommodation Needs of Travellers, Funded by Combat Poverty Agency (co-author with B. Dillon) Pavee Point, 1994

“Undertaking and Evaluation”, (co-author with B. Murray and P. Faughnan), Sociological Association of Ireland and Combat Poverty Agency, 1994 ISBN 0 9513411 2 X

“County Dublin Areas of Need: CODANS: Volume II Neighbourhood Profiles", South Dublin, Fingal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils, (1995)

Evaluation of Pilot Schemes to Combat Moneylending and Indebtedness, (co-author with B. Dillon) Department of Social Welfare, 1994

"Political Themes and Tensions in Evaluation", Paper delivered to Annual, Conference of Sociological Association of Ireland, May, 1993

"Facing the Reality - Living with HIV and AIDS", (co-author with J. Murphy-Lawless) Body Positive, Ireland, (Funded by the Ireland Fund), ISBN 0 9521234 0 1, 1993

Dublin Transport Initiative Phase Two: Input on Social and Community Issues, for Steer Davies Gleave & Companies through K McKeown Ltd. (with K. McKeown and E Collins), 1992

"Ex-Ante Evaluation of Actions in Favour of Disabled People in Ireland Co-financed by, European Communities through the European Social Fund", Commission of the European Communities- DGV and Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin 1993

“Evaluation of Blanchardstown 'Home-Start, Home-Start Blanchardstown and Dept. of Health, 1992

"Designing and Managing a Science Park in a Less Favoured Region", Paper Presented at International Conference on the Mezzogiorno, Naples, January, 1992

The Development Potential of the Lagging Regions: Ireland and Northern Ireland", (co-author with S O Siochru) European Commission DG XVI, 1991" ARCHIPELAGO Europe: Islands of Innovation in Europe -National Report for Ireland", European Commission DGXII, 1991 (FAST Programme)

The Impact of Temple Bar Development on Local Enterprises, Residents, and on the Inner City, (co-author with S O Siochru and B Dillon) Temple Bar Properties Ltd/ Department of the Taoiseach, (3 Volumes) 1991

"The Impact of the Introduction of New Technologies on the Health and Safety of Women at Work", CEC, DGV- Employment, Social Affairs and Industrial Relations, V/341/91-EN, Brussels, 1991

Report on IBC Introduction Scenarios for EC Aggregate, (with M Sinnigen) BIBA Bremen, for CEC RACE, July 1990

PAUL Internal Evaluation Study, (with B Dillon and J Murphy-Lawless) PAUL Project, Limerick (under Third EC Programme to Combat Poverty) 1990

"Homelessness in Co. Louth", (co-author with B Dillon & J Murphy-Lawless), funded by Combat Poverty Agency), Simon Community and Drogheda Homeless Aid, 1990

"Early Childhood Services and Children in Poverty", (with J. Murphy-Lawless) for OMEP (Organisation Mondiale Pour L'Education) 1989

Report on Existing Data Sources on SMEs in Ireland, CEC-DGXXIII (SME Task Force), 1989

"Overseas Students in Ireland", Irish Council for Overseas Students, ISBN 0-9513691,1988

"County Dublin Areas of Need: CODANS: Volume I. An Analysis of Small Area Population Statistics", Dublin County Council, November, 1987

"County Dublin Areas of Need: CODANS: Volume II Neighbourhood Profiles", (co-author with S O Siochru and P Stokes) Dublin County Council, November, 1987

"Homework: Community Living Schemes for People with Mental Handicaps", (with P Stokes and K Ungruh) MENCAP in Wales and Cardiff Universities Social Services, ISBN 0 9512193 0 8, 1987

"Study of Schemes of Direct Job Creation in the Republic of Ireland", (with Rees, Stokes and Doogan) CEC DG-V: Employment Industrial Relations and Social Affairs, Study No. 790140, 1979


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