EVAL4 - Testscan - Innovation in Evaluation


Frank Fahey, Irish Minister of State at the
Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform,
meets the Eval4 team in Galway at the kick off meeting


The Eval4 project brings together specialists in the field of evaluation from across Europe. These have worked to develop and test three evaluation tools in a range of settings. The three tools are designed to:

- Assist education practitioners and programme managers in the process of developing evaluation methodologies and procedures that are appropriate within their own circumstances and operational environments. (Mentor)

- Enable a range of stakeholders in the VET process to engage in ongoing self-evaluation in a way that links evaluation findings to programme planning, allows impact findings to be interpreted within the broader policy environment; and enables networking between projects, based on evaluation findings, to take place. (Speak)

- Create open and interactive space for the improvement of evaluation expertise amongst evaluators of VET programmes and projects, with a particular emphasis on structured peer learning and simulation of real evaluation challenges and tasks. (Ludovaluate)

The project facilitates the testing of all tools in a variety of settings: taking into account differences in evaluation cultures as well as general vocational education and training systems.

Particular emphasis is placed on the active participation of stakeholders (trainers, educators, participants and policy-makers) in applying methods, and in providing feedback.

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