Evaluation Tools

E-VAL tools were developed in order to promote the ability of education practitioners, programme managers and other key stakeholders in the VET process to:

- measure empowerment and development

- effectively capitalise on results in a policy context

- demonstrate achievements

- promote reflection on decisions taken and priorities assigned

But their potential can be fully realised only if there is active stakeholder involvement in their application, in circumstances that reflect the real opportunities and constraints associated with different learning situations, different policy environments, different learners, different stakeholder interests and different cultures of evaluation.


An online wizard that targets those intending to undertake evaluation work. Questions are asked of the group that ensure reflection takes place on the nature of the intended evaluation, the range of tasks to be included in the evaluation process and the intended level of commitment required by various stakeholders


Speak is a participative evaluation and management support methodology. It provides VET practitioners with a set of tools that enables a better understanding of the relationship between efforts and results. The system is developed with the client as a bespoke organization-specific tool. It is a mediated tool, requiring support and training.


Ludovaluate is a boardgame that works as an evaluation training simulation tool. Ludovaluate can be used in order to simulate complex evaluation situations and can therefore facilitate shared problem solving processes. The simulation tool is tested in the framework of international courses on project and programme evaluation.

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