Paul Butler

Paul Butler

Updated May, 2008


Trinity College Dublin, BA (Hons) in Sociology and French, 1996
St Patrick’s College Maynooth, MA in European Social Policy Analysis, 1997
WORK EXPERIENCE: 1997 – Present
Research consultant with NEXUS (Europe) Research Co-operative, an independent, non-profit-taking research organisation. Responsibilities include managing and executing research projects, policy analysis, developing proposals and evaluation and planning strategies. Project work involves combinations of quantitative and qualitative approaches (including survey development and analysis; as well as training and facilitation work).

Research Projects and Publications

Review of Global Solidarity Project- ICTU Development Education Project (2005-7) ICTU Ongoing

Review of Leave-taking Practices of Union Members (with Redmond, D.)  ,Irish Congress of Trades Unions, Ongoing

Strategic Plan of Belvedere Youth Club, Belvedere Youth Club, 2008

 Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the Community Investment Fund Programme (with Locus Management) Department of Social Development (Northern Ireland) 2007-8

 Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the Local Sports Partnerships (with Redmond, D.) Irish Sports Council, 2007-8

SPEAK Feasibility Study Report (Northern Ireland), Enterprise Ireland, 2007

Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the iReach Programme Informatics for Rural Empowerment and Cambodian Healthy Communities, 2007-8

 Examining the Support Needs of Travellers in Tallaght with regard to Suicide, Tallaght Travellers Youth Services, 2006

An Employment Register for People with a Disability in the Wexford Area, National Disability Authority, 2006-7

Strategic Plan on Economic Activity for Travellers in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Area, Southside Traveller Action Group, 2006

Parenting Alone: Issues for Lone Parents in the North East Region (with Dillon, B) Dochas Network of Lone Parent Groups, 2005-6

Gender and Trade Union Activity: Examining Gender Issues within the IMPACT Trade Union (with Redmond, D.) IMPACT, 2005-7

“Progressing Opportunities” Responding to Education, training and Employment Needs of People with Disability in the Wexford Area, Wexford Area Partnership, 2005

EVAL4 TESTSCAN: Testing of Evaluation Tools in Range of European Education and Training Environments (with Dillon, B), Leonardo Programme (European Commission),  2004-6

ICOVET: Validation of Competences Achieved through Non-Formal and Informal Learning, Leonardo Programme (European Commission), 2004-6

Competences and Confidence: A Needs Analysis of Women Aged Over 45 in the Bray Area (with Redmond, D.), Women’s Equality in Bray, 2004-5

Evaluation of Dublin Simon Detoxification and Aftercare Programme (with Redmond, D.), Dublin Simon, 2004-5

Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the Family Resource Centres, Family Support Agency, 2004-6

Training on Strategic Planning, Southside Traveller Action Group, 2004-5

Review of Global Solidarity Project- ICTU Development Education Project (with Redmond, D.), ICTU, 2004

Implementation of SPEAK (Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge) software evaluation system within the Community Development Support Programme, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, 2003-4

Macro-Economic and Urban Trends in Europe's Information Society (with O'Siochrú, S & Ihle, J).  Fifth Framework Programme (European Commission IST), 2002-4

Audit of Computer Skills for Information Providers In Citizen Information Centres and Services (with Redmond, D.), Comhairle, 2003-4

Census of Migrant Worker Members (with Redmond, D.), MANDATE 2003-4

Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace (with Redmond, D.), Interact EQUAL Project, 2003

National Evaluation of the Role of Job Facilitators (with Collins, E.), Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs, 2003

Review of Civic, Social and Political Education (with Redmond, D.), National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, 2002

Review of Junior Certificate Schools Programme (with Redmond, D.), National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, 2001-2002

Research Project on "Promoting Development Education in Community Development" National Committee for Development Education, 2001

An Application for consideration under the FAS National Social Economy Programme  Ballymun Communications, 2001

National Survey of Trade Union Members Experience of Childcare (with Redmond, D.), Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 2001

Handbook of Good Practice on Measures to Combat Racism in the Workplace (with O'Siochrú, S. & Collins, E.), Equality Authority, 2001

"Visualising Inclusion": Report on the Needs of People with Disabilities in Kerry, CD-Rom documenting the Action Research Process (with Dillon, B.), Kerry Network of People with Disabilities, 2001

Needs Analysis and Action Plan for Economic Development of Travellers in South County Dublin (with O'Siochrú, S. & Jordan, B.), Southside Partnership, 2000

National Survey of Young People's Attitudes, Knowledge and Experience of Work, (with Redmond, D.), Irish Congress of Trade Unions, 2000

Evaluation of ‘Hot Soup’ Scheme in Inner City Dublin Primary Schools (with Jordan, B.), Department of Social Community and Family Affairs, 2000

Information Society, Work and the Generation of New Forms of Social Exclusion (with O'Siochrú, S. & Jordan, B.), DGXII (European Commission), 2000

Evaluation of Aphrodite Project, (with Redmond, D.), Central Remedial Clinic, 2000

Feasibility Study into Improving Access to Training, Education and Employment for Rehabilitated Drug Users (with Jordan, B. & McCausland, D.), Darndale Belcamp Initiative,1999

Study on Ex-post Assessment of Telematics RTD Projects under the Third Framework Programme (with Collins, E.), IDATE, France (for DGXIII), 1999

The Social Consequences of European Monetary Union for Socially Excluded Groups in Ireland (with Collins, E.), European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland, 1999

Business Networks and the Knowledge-Driven Economy, ISBN 92-828-8044-3, 2000 (with Carpenter, M.), DGIII (European Commission),1999

EPSILON Promoting Information Society Awareness and Clustering for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (with Carpenter, M.), DGIII and XIII (European Commission), 1999

The Provision of Settlement Services to Homeless people in the Eastern Health Board Region (with Collins, E. & Dillon, B.), Homeless Initiative, 1998

Evaluation of Tower Programme (North Clondalkin Probation Project), (with Redmond, D.)   Tower Programme, 1998

CEDIS project, to develop distance training to empower disadvantaged groups in using the Internet, (with O'Siochrú, S.), ISPO (European Commission), 1998

Information Society in Central and Eastern Europe, (with O'Siochrú, S. & Dillon, B.)   EU Copernicus Programme, 1998

Assessment of Company ICT Training Needs, (with Collins, E.), Forfás,1998

Other Associations and Involvements


Member of Management Committee of Belvedere Youth Club

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